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Batch Cooking, Meal Prep, or Bulk Cooking

Some of you may not have a clue what I’m referring to, but I’m sharing my secret with all of you today. Many people ask, how I can eat at home all the time with My busy schedule of working two jobs combined with exercise, and maintaining a social life. The secret is Batch Cooking, meal prep, or bulk cooking. The art of cooking all your meals at one time or with little prep time.

What is batch cooking? Basically, it’s preparing most or all of your meals and snacks for the entire week on 1 day out of the week. You’ll waste less food (especially the perishables), and you’ll save money by doubling up your efforts on the spoils brought home from the store.

Make a date with your kitchen for about 1-2 hours, 1 day every week and prep and cook most of your meals. No freezing is required for any of your batch cooking since you’ll be eating your meals throughout the week.

What I do is cook all my meats (which take the most time) on Sunday. I will grill 12 chicken breasts 4 of each with a different flavor. Exp. lemon pepper, Italian spice with a little olive oil, and maybe 4 with a little salt to cut up for other dishes. Another idea is to cook a few trays of turkey meat balls and patties and freeze them for later. I also cook large batches of rice to eat during the week. Pastas can be cooked and stored if you know what you are doing. Vegetable I cook the day of so they are fresh.

I’ve found batch cooking to save me hours of time each week. If you’re as busy as I am (or even if you’re not but still want to save time!), I definitely recommend giving meal planning and batch cooking a try!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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